PWR RIDE is a rhythmic indoor-cycling class that we like to call a “cardio party”. It’s a powerful, fun and challenging mind-body fitness experience designed to bring PWR to the people. With a combination of high-intensity cardio, high-energy music, cutting edge lights, signature PWR choreography, our inspirational instructors will guide you to the beat, to your potential, to your power – all on a bike.

PWR RIDE is for everyone - we have 3 types of class formats to cater for all levels of fitness, background, and experience:


> Best for beginners

> Focus on form, fundamentals, rhythm

> Slower paced with simple upper body movements


> Best for intermediate - advanced

> Focus on maximising caloric burn

> Balance between heavy climbs, combos, fast runs


> Best for advanced

> Focus on speed and maximising heart rate

> Runs on runs on runs - spoiler alert: it gets intense!